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E Bike Company

The e bike is a new form of transport - not bicycles, nor mopeds, they are a unique vehicle opening up a new category of personal transportation, which is both great fun and hugely efficient. Ride Electric is a specialist company bringing the phenomenon of the electric bike directly to the market.

Covid 19 Update – 05/01/2021

Following the announcement of lockdown 3. The good news is we are able to remain open, however, we will need to make some changes in the way we operate. These alterations are:


  • Appointment’s only. To reduce the number of people in and out of the shop you will have to book an appointment on our website prior to visiting our showroom. Appointments include repairs, experience rides, hires and eBike consultations. 


  • eBike consultations can also be carried out over video call. 


  • If you have an eBike currently on order we will contact you as soon as it is ready for collection and arrange a pick-up time with you. 


If you have any questions about the way we are operating please contact us via the live chat in the bottom right corner.


Electric bikes offer the same significant benefits as traditional bicycles including cost savings, improved health and connection with the community.

The real advantage to an electric bike is efficiency in climbing hills or fighting the wind. If you experience knee pain or exercise-induced asthma, for example, electric bikes can breath new life into the sport of cycling. They might convince your friend or significant other to join you on the trails more often, or they might enable you to commute to work without sweating so much. We own cars, mopeds and motorcycles and neither feel as safe or refreshing as cycling along community paths, away from traffic (Many don’t even know these paths exist around their towns).

Electric bikes remove many of the roadblocks and challenges that people face with traditional pedal-powered cycles. For the purest experience, apurpose-built e bike is the way to go (bikes that were designed and sold as being electric, not converted later). They are lighter, more robust and more capable than ever. Whether you need a folding bike to take on a train, or a downhill bomber for free-riding on trails (no need for a chairlift!), there is definitely an electric bike out there that’s fully capable.

Our feeling is that £1,500 is the lowest level worth exploring right now. We’ve heard of too many unhappy customers who purchased online and are now struggling to fix a throttle mechanism or find a replacement battery pack because the cells they got were of very low quality.

For £2-4,000 you can get a high quality, Euro-proven, German engineered product with two years of comprehensive warranty support. Electric bikes like these offer intuitive controls, integrated lights, fenders and racks and an overall beautiful aesthetic.

We think electric bikes are remarkable because they complement the human body and mind while connecting us with others. To find out more, it is possible to dip your toe in for a little taste. Our e bike experience rides and electric bike hire were built for just this purpose.

Here are some electric bike quotes we’ve collected from folks who’ve seen the light:

  • “Since getting his electric bike my 80-year-old dad has been given a new lease of life”
  • “I live on the South Downs – I’d have to use my car far more often if I didn’t have one”
  • “All the rage here in hilly Oslo, especially for hauling kids and bulky goods”
  • “Perfect for cobbled, windy Edinburgh”
  • “I can now go for bike rides together with my wife”
  • “As an ex-athlete with knackered knees, I need the electric bike for hills I could not otherwise do”
  • “On my e bike I can keep up with my fitter friends so we can ride together”
  • “Good for the days I would’ve opted for the car because too tired to go on my regular bike”
  • “If we didn’t have one, we’d have to have two cars”
  • “I’ve got a walking disability and the electric bike means I can get out.”

Our own, other, justification for it though is because it’s fun.  Not only that, we can show you how you can pay only half price for one too.  Come and discover what your reason for riding one is. Get in touch and:

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