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Open To Appointments – Doing What We Can

During this time, businesses have been forced to close in accordance with the guidelines set out by the government. However, lots of people still continue to work who have key roles to play in keeping society up…

Supporting Northumbria Police – COVID19

Businesses have been forced to close, movement is heavily restricted and public services are stretched even thinner than they were before. Our NHS and it’s heroic staff are working around the clock keeping our most vulnerable healthy….

Important Update

The health and wellbeing of all our customers, employees and communities are paramount. Here are the measures we’re taking at Ride Electric to look after each other;

Maintenance Monday – Battery Care

Battery care is something still surrounded by a lot of misconceptions. In reality, modern Lithium-Ion batteries from the likes of Bosch are very easy to look after. You just need to know a few things. Here are a few myths…

A Cycling Future – 2019 Rewind

We want cycling in the Tyneside area to be safe, easy and a daily norm, whether you live in Newcastle city centre, the Derwent Valley
or on our coastline.

Independent Courier Trials an eBike…

Riding a traditional eBike can be challenging at times, but when you are using one as part of your job every day, with hills and poor weather, it makes delivering warm food, on a 16hr shift, a little harder. Ross…

Merry Christmas From Ride Electric

This past year has seen a new home to Ride Electric moving into the wonderful Tynemouth Metro Station. We have met lots of amazing people we wouldn’t have met before and we have gained lots of new friends. Such…


Hövding 3. The world’s safest head protection is worn like a collar around the neck. In the event of an accident the airbag inflates to protect your head. The next generation in Swedish safety technology is here.

Available Brands