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eCargo Family Event On National Bike To School Week

23rd to 27th Septmber 2019 is national bike to school week. A week in which students cycle to schools across the country. Enjoying the fresh air, exercise and independent travel. Cycling to school has countless benefits, however, why is it only encouraged one week of the calendar year?

eCargo Commute

After spending time at Cobalt Business Park on Clean Air Day, we packed up and do what eBike companies do, we rode home...

The usual craic…

I’ve been involved in friendly banter with serious cycling dudes about eBikes. The usual biases and perceptions shone through...

cargo bike

Funding boost for eCargo bikes

The Department for Transport has made £2 million funding available for the acquisition of eCargo bikes, to support green last mile deliveries.

eBike Commuting on Clean Air Day

We have teamed up with to experience the difference electric bikes can make as an alternative to using cars as the default.

eCargo bikes – a novelty?

eCargo biking with my family. What a lovely experience - but riding round Tynemouth at the weekend, we might as well all been wearing clown suits...

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