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Christmas is here…

The final few weeks of 2019 are upon us and we have some Christmas offers and ideas to share with you all.

We welcome the Urban eScooter…

San Francisco, London, Paris, Barcelona. What do all these cities have in common? eScooters. Cities across the globe are adopting a new form of urban transportation, that allow people to travel short distances quickly and efficiently without breaking a sweat.

Why employers should stop thinking ‘car’

Only last week, Prince Charles has urged financiers to invest their trillions to help save the planet by investing in projects that protect the environment.
Speaking to the Evening Standard newspaper, he said that sustainable but profitable investment was key to combating climate change and preserving biodiversity.
The prince, 70, who was in Tokyo this week for the enthronement of Emperor Naruhito, warned that global capital markets needed to play a critical role in reversing damage to the atmosphere, soil and oceans.

Tern eBikes have arrived…

You can take the kids to school, go shopping, go to work, fold it, Stand it up, push it and even cycle up to 80 miles on one charge... #WhatsNotToLike

Safely through the winter with the eBike

The days are getting shorter, the air is colder, there are fewer bikes on roads and paths. In the early days of winter a lot of people store their bikes in their basements or garages – not to be used again until the following spring. But that needn't be the case! If you follow a few important rules, and if you don't mind the winter winds on your face, there's no reason why you can't get safely through the colder months with your eBike.

eCargo Family Event On National Bike To School Week

23rd to 27th Septmber 2019 is national bike to school week. A week in which students cycle to schools across the country. Enjoying the fresh air, exercise and independent travel. Cycling to school has countless benefits, however, why is it only encouraged one week of the calendar year?

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