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The Surprising Health Benefits of an Electric Bike

Perhaps most important, the riders were healthier and more fit now, with significantly greater aerobic fitness, better blood sugar control, and, as a group, a trend toward less body fat...

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Cycle to Work Day

Cycle to Work Day is back!

Join us on Wednesday 13th September 2017 for a nationwide celebration of cycling and put the fun back in your commute. Pledge to take part now for a chance to win a cycling holiday for 2, a new bike or loads of other amazing prizes!

electric bike hire

Transform your commute with an e-bike

Can electric bikes make sustainable commuting more attractive? After a week’s trial of an e-bike I’ve found that cycling to work can be both easy and enjoyable...

e bike

Ride to Work, the next generation

Did you know that you can purchase our bikes through The Green Commute Initiative (GCI) - you agree a tax saving salary sacrifice over 12,18 or 24 months and purchase a bike and equipment worth up to £3,500

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