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RRP: £2,499.00

Model: 270414

Integration for all! The UNIVERSAL CHASSIS CONCEPT permits the tried-and-tested Bosch PowerPack technology to be integrated to its full potential – without making any compromises.

The Bergamont E Horizon 7.0 Gent 500 is a superb e-bike and If you were to believe everything you read on the internet and the likes of the daily mail, you’d think cycling is only for people who like to be hunched over sweating, gurning and covered in lycra. However contrary to popular belief cycling isn’t all about that. It’s about having fun and enjoying what’s around you. There is most likely discipline for you from calmly cruising down the coastline or hurling down roots and rocks. However, if having fun and enjoying what’s around you sounds appealing then I think the Bergamont E Horizon 7.0 Gent 500 will support you in that. A bike that allows you to cruise down the coast comfortably and with dignity, which let’s be honest can elude some cyclists…

Let’s take the Bergamont E Horizon 7.0 Gent 500 for a ride

So you are aboard the new Bergamont E Horizon 7.0 Gent 500 on a Sunday afternoon, on your way to the coast. It’s sunny and at the perfect temperature that you aren’t cold yet don’t break a sweat. You have 500wh at your disposal which translates to 90 miles. However, I think a blast down the coast to a sweet coffee shop shall suffice.

You’ve evaded the grasp of city traffic and are now enjoying the scenery on a bridle path. The moustache handlebar and high rise stem put you in the perfect position to admire the view. Gentle rolling hills. A Wide spreading beach. And the big blue sea. Suddenly headwind hits.
Now, a bit of context, cycling into a headwind is probably one of the worst things you can possibly experience. But no worries! You have 250 watts to play with. Pop into sport, and you are back into your comfort zone, literally.

Bridal paths see a lot of abuse with very little upkeep from potholes to the odd bit of glass. Thankfully again this is no worry of yours. Schwalbe Energizer active plus tyres have your back with a super duper thick eBike optimised casing they are virtually bombproof while offering plenty of grip. While the supple Suntour fork takes care of the rest.

The Cafe is in sight! So you pull up and take out the lock from your pannier bag and lock up. You also slide off the display and smoothly remove the hidden external battery.

After enjoying your hot beverage of choice you hop back on your bike and begin to head back. But now with the wind behind you, a grin soon grows, and you decide to take the scenic route back. Thanks to the slick tyres and a suspension lockout you can still open it up and churn out the watts efficiently if the mood takes you. This mood is soon sadly interrupted by volatile British weather the clouds roll in and the heavens open…

Once again the E-Horizon Gent has your back! Full fenders keep you protected from the slop and integrated lights keep you protected from the BMW. Before you know it and your back. Nice and dry. You wheel your bike into the garage, whip out its stand and pop in on charge. Ready for another excursion. If you ask me, it’s time for another coffee.

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If purchased with the Green Commute Initiate in conjunction with your employer, this is what you could pay if you are a higher rate tax payer (If you are a lower rate tax payer the tax saving would be different).

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RRP   £ 2499
GCI Tax saving (higher rate tax payer) Discount 42% £1049.58
Ride Electric company discount Discount 5% £124.95
Effective price   £1324.47
Cost per month over two years   £55.19

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RRP £ 2499
Cost indication PM over two years £114.4
Cost indication PM over three years £79.7

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Explore a region and travel faster and further, regardless of age, fitness or health. The more adventurous can extend the fun of mountain and trail riding with no uphill limitations.

Explore a region and travel faster and further, regardless of age, fitness or health. The more adventurous can extend the fun of mountain and trail riding with no uphill limitations.

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