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RRP: £0.00 - £2,299.00

Model: 270417

The final level of evolution of the E-Horizon Wave Platform is setting benchmarks for integration, design and riding culture.

The Bergamont E-Horizon 7.0 Wave 400 is here and its certainly making waves. Step through bikes have always been a comfortable classic. Initially, they’d be handmade from chromoly steel, Full rack and matching mudguards, a handcrafted leather saddle with spring damping. Iconic swept back handlebars and basket, most likely single speed, and a light ran of a dynamo. Much like a classic car, they are great to look at, ride really well and draw attention. However, like a classic car, they aren’t particularly practical. 1 gear may be reliable, ironically unlike a classic car, but doesn’t do you any favours. The dynamo can wear down your tyres, and rim brakes aren’t known to be confidence inspiring.

Bergamont understands the classic appeal of a step through. But have made some very noteworthy additions to the Bergamont E-Horizon 7.0 Wave 400 that make it an everyday machine. A lightweight aluminium frame, robust and reliable hydraulic brakes and 9 gears to get you up the steepest of climbs. However, you still get all the style with, the rack, mudguards, integrated lights that run of the 400wh battery. As well as a modern memory foam saddle, riser stem and handlebars. A classic bike in the 21st century.

So let’s see how the Bergamont E-Horizon 7.0 Wave 400 handles

It’s beautiful Friday morning you decide to ride to work on your Bergamont E-Horizon 7.0 Wave 400. The leaves are changing colour, and it’s crisp and bright. You pop your laptop and everything you need for the day in your fold out panniers.

You set off…

It’s a bit of a mixed ride with some steep hills it would have struggled with on an ordinary bike, but this is a pleasure now.
Moving through the traffic is easy thanks to the upright position and high rise stem. Which is very stable and provides plenty of visibility. You then turn onto a bridle path. The wheels crunch through the grit as I speed along, which is no problem thanks to excellent wide, cushy tyres which give excellent grip and comfort. They have a super thick casing, so punctures are no longer a problem of yours.

Weaving past dog walkers, your eBike makes quick work of reaching the next road crossing. You pass other cyclists with ease as you pass through into Your local Park, enjoying the bend and weave of the paths and the dips in the journey.

You then move quickly up into the far end of the park back onto the road leaving the Autumn leaves and quiet of the park behind. Cycling into town, negotiating traffic, potholes and puddles. Thankfully a Suntour suspension fork Protects you from the potholes (something you would not see on a classic), and full fenders stop the worst of the slop. Stopping at lights, you arrive at work. You pull out a u-lock from your panniers and lock up as usual. You arrived at work, fresh and refreshed, no need for a shower. Knowing You’ve had plenty of fresh air and some exercise, you start your day with a smile.

After a days work its safe to say you’re ready to get home! Thankfully your eco morning commute left you with 85% of juice left in the 400wh battery. You decide to be cheeky and take the turbo route home. Using all 250w of the bosch active line plus motor.

It’s wonderfully easy cycling down, but coming home and up the hill used to be an impossible task. Not anymore, your new E-Horizon has your back!

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RRP   £ 2299
GCI Tax saving (higher rate tax payer) Discount 42% £965.58
Ride Electric company discount Discount 5% £114.95
Effective price   £1218.47
Cost per month over two years   £50.77

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RRP £ 2299
Cost indication PM over two years £105.24
Cost indication PM over three years £73.32

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Explore a region and travel faster and further, regardless of age, fitness or health. The more adventurous can extend the fun of mountain and trail riding with no uphill limitations.

Explore a region and travel faster and further, regardless of age, fitness or health. The more adventurous can extend the fun of mountain and trail riding with no uphill limitations.

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