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RRP: £180.00

E-bike Tracking Package is an ideal security improvement for e-bikes. Price is for tracker, installation and instruction.

E-bike Tracking Package is an ideal security improvement for e-bikes considering the tracker’s small size and ease of installation.

It can be installed on an e-bike easily using the user manual. The tracker detects when the ignition of your e-bike is turned on.

E-bike Tracking Package includes pre-configured GPS Tracker, 1 year GPSLive software and pre-paid 1-year SIM card. Once the tracker is installed on an e-bike, it will automatically start reporting its position to our cloud servers and you will be able to view its real-time location using a PC, tablet or smartphone.

The Tracker features ultra-low current draw with Dynamic Energy Saving technology and the latest Quad GPS Module (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO & AGPS) coupled with Smart Auto-Load Technology. GPSLive cloud-based GPS tracking platform is accessible using an internet browser on a PC or Mac as well as a mobile app for IOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets.

User-friendly software GPSLive provides you with a self-explanatory interface for viewing and monitoring your e-bike at your fingertips! You can designate icons to different bikes and have an overview of various groups. The location of each bike is automatically updated on the map every few seconds. iOS and Android compatible APPs are included free of charge with your annual GPSLive software subscription.

You can set-up informative reports to be created in HTML or PDF format, or even CSV format to allow the data to be imported into other databases or software systems GPSLive allows you to view the routes taken by your bike for the past 3 months

E-bike package comes with a Global Sim; Multi-network UK & Global roaming connectivity for international travellers. The tracker automatically uses the strongest network if you’re in the UK, and if you’re travelling abroad, it switches to inclusive multi-network roaming in the EU and many global destinations, offering unlimited data use in a GPS tracker for a fixed annual price.

Prepaid SIM cards ensure that your tracker stays online 24/7 365 days without any extra usage or roaming fees.

E-bike tracking package will be shipped with a SIM card pre-configured and installed in the tracker. Rewire SIM cards use smart algorithms to pick-up the best signal wherever you are travelling and works globally in 185 countries / 380 networks, without any extra fees or roaming charges. If the tracker loses GSM connectivity it will switch to the best signal network in that area, enabling 24/7 live GPS Tracking. Whether you need an international SIM card for tracking overseas shipments or simply want to make sure your vehicle stays connected at all times.

After the 1st year of free usage, service top-up costs £60 annually, includes unlimited coverage, app and software usage.

Key Features

  • Be able to identify your eBike location
  • Track your journeys

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If purchased with the Green Commute Initiate in conjunction with your employer, this is what you could pay if you are a higher rate tax payer (If you are a lower rate tax payer the tax saving would be different).

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RRP   £ 180
GCI Tax saving (higher rate tax payer) Discount 42% £75.60
Ride Electric company discount Discount 5% £9.00
Effective price   £95.40
Cost per month over two years   £3.98

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Indicative finance pricing figures are based on an APR of 9.2%. We have provided suggestions for accessing finance below:

RRP £ 180
Cost indication PM over two years £8.24
Cost indication PM over three years £5.74

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Explore a region and travel faster and further, regardless of age, fitness or health. The more adventurous can extend the fun of mountain and trail riding with no uphill limitations.

Explore a region and travel faster and further, regardless of age, fitness or health. The more adventurous can extend the fun of mountain and trail riding with no uphill limitations.

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