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RRP: £1999 - £2,699.00 Sale: £1,999.00

Model: 269975

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The SCOTT Aspect eRide 30 features proven electric assist technology in a comfortable off-road package. Now with an integrated battery, and powered by a 508Wh Bosch drive system, the Aspect eRide will give you hours of trail riding energy.

Scott Aspect eRide 30

Cross country is a form of mountain biking in which going down is equally weighted to going up. It is the only discipline in the Olympics. In cross country, as the name suggests, you travel a long distance up and down punchy climbs and descents. Which are equally technical. Cross country is the most accessible form of mountain biking as the descent aren’t as technical as the likes of downhill or enduro trails. They tend to consist of fast, flowy, natural terrain. Getting out and exploring.

For many, however, myself included, to go the full distance at speed just isn’t worth the physical exertion. To put this in perspective, commonly associated aspects of cross country are; Incredibly light bikes, which are low, short and about 100mm of suspension, geared towards climbing. People dressed head to toe in lycra, trying to save as many watts as possible for the climbs. If you’ve been following, there seems to be quite a big focus on climbing.

And what even pro athletes really think going down is more fun than going up.

However, there is a solution. If you like the idea of fast flowy trails out in the woods. You’re not a fan of steep rocks and jumps. But the constant rolling hills takes its toll on your lungs and legs. Then we have the solution.

The Scott Aspect eRide 30 is a lightweight cross country electric bike built for this exact purpose. Picture a day out in Dalby forest. The red is a 21.5-mile route consisting of fast flowy rolling hills and gradual elevation gain. With, a touch of technical downhill to keep the blood pumping. This is converted from a great sounding day out in the great outdoors to a gruelling 6 Hours in the saddle on a mechanical bike. I speak from experience…

Straight out the gate, there is one of the steeper climbs of the day, a snake up the side of the hill to get you started. Consisting of loose dirt and switchbacks. It’s a joy powered by a bosch cx performance motor and a hearty breakfast! Twisting and turning up the switchback, the bosch system interrupts how hard you are pressing on the pedals and perfectly matches your efforts thanks to their sophisticated MTB mode. Before you know it you reach your first taste of the much sought after flow. Unlike most, you have bundles of energy to throw at it…

Unlike the common cross-country bike, Scott knows that everyone secretly prefers it when the mountain points down. That’s why they equipped the Aspect with a Rockshox Judy cross country fork equipped with 120mm of air sprung suspension, 20mm extra for the party. This little extra props up the front end making it more confidence inspiring on the downhills as well as more comfortable going up. You’re loving the descent, slapping the little kicky berms, rolling over the natural roots with ease. At the end of the day enjoying the outdoors with the aspect encouraging you on down, and Shimano providing you with all the stop you need if you need to, right at your fingertips. You reach the bottom, with a beaming grin. Now if you were riding downhill mountain bike trails, you’d be at the bottom, the end. However, you still have 18 miles left! Thanks to the 500wh integrated battery and srams wide-ranging 11-speed gearing you can go all day…

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RRP   £ 1999
GCI Tax saving (higher rate tax payer) Discount 42% £839.58
Ride Electric company discount Discount 5% £99.95
Effective price   £1059.47
Cost per month over two years   £44.14

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RRP £ 1999
Cost indication PM over two years £91.51
Cost indication PM over three years £63.75

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Explore a region and travel faster and further, regardless of age, fitness or health. The more adventurous can extend the fun of mountain and trail riding with no uphill limitations.

Explore a region and travel faster and further, regardless of age, fitness or health. The more adventurous can extend the fun of mountain and trail riding with no uphill limitations.

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