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RRP: £2,499.00

Model: 270787

The SCOTT Aspect eRide 40 features proven electric assist technology in a comfortable off-road package. Now with an integrated battery, and powered by a 500wh Bosch drive system, the Aspect eRide will give you hours of trail riding energy.

Scott Aspect eRide 40

Mountain biking has grown in popularity massively since its creation in the 1970s. Mountain bikes have gotten lighter, more comfortable and more capable. This is thanks to many aspects which we owe to the progression of downhill mountain biking. Downhill mountain biking is racing the most challenging terrain against the clock. With dh pushing the limits each year, it calls for progression in the technology which would allow the rider to ride faster and more comfortably.

Engineers needed to keep up with demand and produced components that we take for granted now. In 1987 the first hydraulic disc brake specific to mountain bikes was produced, called “the formula” which then set up the brake brand, formula. Soon followed by the suspension fork, the Rockshox Rs-1 released in 1989. Two moments that defined mountain bikes forever. They weren’t cheap, however. The RockShox rs-1, which packed a massive 48mm of travel, retailed at approximately £1800 in today’s money. The price of innovation

We think there is another revolution well on its way. The eMTB.

The Scott Aspect eRide 40 is a fully fledged entry level e-mountain bike. To put this in perspective, you’d be getting a full eMTB, 120mm suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes in a very well integrated package which could be mistaken for a normal MTB to the untrained eye for £2499. That’s innovation.

Mountain Biking, like anything, requires a degree of commitment. Much like a phone contract…. Bare with me here. So you’ve found your perfect phone, comes with everything you need including 10gb of data, unlimited texts and phone calls, all for a reasonable price. However what if I knocked off 50%? Would it be that much easier to commit to the deal? That’s the
e-mountain bike.

So you are at Hamsterley forest for the first time. In the great outdoors. Enjoying the brown and green litter on the roads and paths. You head off from the car park following the signs to the red loop. First stop is a meandering blue that takes you to the first red climb. Flowing up and down rollers next to the river in eco which is 50% of your power assisted by a bosch cx motor. You forget you are on an eBike and continue on like normal. You think you can really get behind all this mountain biking.

Soon enough you reach the first climb. A rocky, Steep section of double track taking you up to the descent bike park. Reluctantly you drop a few gears and get cracking. Becoming more and more apprehensive about mountain biking. After a few minutes, you are struggling, panting, sweating. Then it hits you. You have an extra 250w at your disposal. A huge grin sweeps across your face as you click it into turbo. Traversing the rocky climb, you continue to smile. Suddenly you reach the summit. It’s time for the downhills. With 120mm of Suntour sprung suspension and Shimano hydraulic stoppers you have all you need to enjoy the descent.

After roughly 15 minutes you reach the bottom. After tackling the drops and jumps of section 13 then the technical xc style punchy ups and downs of the red that no one really seems to know about. You take a breather and think, “mountain biking is for me”. You spend the day there tackling the rest thanks to the range of your 500wh battery.

An E mountain bike allows you commit to mountain biking with fewer drawbacks. Allowing you to get the most of the ascents as well as the descents.

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If purchased with the Green Commute Initiate in conjunction with your employer, this is what you could pay if you are a higher rate tax payer (If you are a lower rate tax payer the tax saving would be different).

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RRP   £ 2499
GCI Tax saving (higher rate tax payer) Discount 42% £1049.58
Ride Electric company discount Discount 5% £124.95
Effective price   £1324.47
Cost per month over two years   £55.19

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Indicative finance pricing figures are based on an APR of 9.2%. We have provided suggestions for accessing finance below:

RRP £ 2499
Cost indication PM over two years £114.4
Cost indication PM over three years £79.7

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Explore a region and travel faster and further, regardless of age, fitness or health. The more adventurous can extend the fun of mountain and trail riding with no uphill limitations.

Explore a region and travel faster and further, regardless of age, fitness or health. The more adventurous can extend the fun of mountain and trail riding with no uphill limitations.

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