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Ride Electric are based in the stunning Ballards Smoke House, providing electric bikes for rental and purchase. We are in proximity to many businesses who can benefit from offering the opportunity to make use of our bike stocks to staff throughout the working day.

eBikes can be used for example in the lunch hour to take a fresh-air break, do the office sandwich collection, drop a parcel to a local client or to take a trip to the Post Office etc.

We have prepared a special arrangement to any business in our proximity to rent an eBike on a short-term basis for reduced cost.  This also contributes toward staff reward/benefit and wellbeing practices too.

Once an agreement is in place, combined with the purchase of the requisite number of Community eRide Club memberships, named staff members can arrange to take an eBike(s)  and we will record this and any other rides and send an invoice at the end of the month, less agreed discount.  With consent, they can take eBikes out of hours too.

In addition, we will share our referral scheme to company and staff, to reward any subsequent purchases or introductions that end up in a sale of an eBike to a staff member or friend as a result of an introduction. Companies may also wish to take advantage of our Commercial Partner Programme to enable eBikes to be purchased for their staff through the Green Commute Initiative  and gain significant savings.


Examples of the benefits can be seen below:

community e ride cost chart


Costs for membership can be seen below:

electric bike hire cost


If you want to register for this Programme, please complete the form here, or call: ‭0191 307 7700‬

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