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Ride Electric are based in Tynemouth Station, providing electric bikes for rental and purchase.  We are in proximity to some incredible urban developments with many new residents coming to the region from afar.

To benefit residents of these developments, we can provide eRide Club Membership to them through property developers.

Development companies will be able to use the offer as an additional benefit for potential and confirmed buyers, providing:

  • A potential property purchase incentive
  • An environmental, and practical offer for customers
  • Regional exploration support for remote buyers (through our e Bike tours)
  • Price reduction for eBike purchase and rental
  • A solution for parking limitations
  • An option for exploring and commuting
Once an agreement is in place, combined with the purchase of a number of eRide Club memberships, the Developer’s Customers can have all the benefits offered by this membership.

In addition, we will share our referral scheme to company and staff, to reward any subsequent purchases or introductions that end up in the sale of an eBike to a staff member or friend as a result of an introduction. Developers may also wish to take advantage of our Commercial Partner Programme to enable eBikes to be purchased for their own staff through the Green Commute Initiative and gain significant savings.


Examples of the benefits can be seen below:





Costs for membership can be seen below:

electric bike hire


If you want to register for this Programme, please complete the form here, or call: ‭0191 307 7700‬

Available Brands