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Here are some of the questions and answers we have been asked:

What will happen if my e-Bike is stolen?

  • All the e-Bikes are fitted with a tracker, so if your bike was to be stolen or lost, Ride Electric will be able to find its location via GPS. You’ll also be given a bike lock, free of charge.

What will happen if my e-Bike is damaged?

  • When you join the project, Ride Electric will support you in completing an insurance document. There is no additional cost to this, as the cost is automatically included within the monthly lease cost.

Can I try an e-Bike before signing up to the project?

  • Of course! Ride Electric is based in Tynemouth, a short Metro journey away from Wallsend. You can book a FREE one-day trial of one of the bikes to see how you feel on one, although we’re sure you’ll love it!

I’m not confident about the safest route to Newcastle, will I get any support?

  • Yes! North Tyneside Council are creating a ‘tube map’ of cycle routes, and we will support you in finding a bike rack / bike stand in close proximity to your workplace.

Can I use my e-Bike for more than just commuting to work?

  • Yes, this is 100% encouraged! Whether you join the family bike ride on a weekend or pop to the shops, we’d love to see you using the bike for your every day needs wherever possible, and we might gather your feedback on how you’re finding the bike for use in everyday situations, now and again.

What will happen at the end of the six months trial?

  • At the end of the minimum term, the agreement can be renewed, the eBike can be returned, or it can be purchased for a reduced price by the company or / employee directly or through a cycle to work scheme.


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