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Use an eBike as an alternative commute to public transport for the same price as a Metro pass with this supported scheme.

Rise is a North East based charitable organisation, dedicated to broadening opportunities for everyone living in Northumberland and Tyne & Wear to safely and easily access physical activity. In  their words:

We want to create a world where more people enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Where everyone from Berwick to Sunderland has equal opportunity to be active in their own way – particularly those who need it most – boosting health and happiness.


Rise and Ride Electric are working together to offer residents of Wallsend who work in Newcastle, an alternative commute to public transport.  We would like to invite 17 residents of Wallsend, North Tyneside, who commute to Newcastle for work, the opportunity to take part in a 6-month project, that gives them access to an e-bike for just £60 per month – the same price as the average public transport cost.  Rise will then fund the difference; up to £135 per person, per month.

The basics of e-Bikes

e-Bikes are a new, efficient and environmentally friendly way to travel.  Travelling up to 15.5 mph, the motor takes away the hard effort of cycling uphill or into the wind, and because the bike does the hard work, you don’t end up sweaty or uncomfortable for the rest of your day.  E-Bikes are easy to charge, needing only a standard plug socket, they will be fully charged in around 5-6 hours, perfect for charging overnight ready for the next day.

Why are we offering this initiative?

Continued social distancing and the introduction of masks on public transport may be off-putting to some.  Having worked closely with North Tyneside Council and Nexus, we also know that reduced public transport provision following Covid-19, will greatly impact those who commute to Newcastle for work from the Wallsend area of North Tyneside.  To help address this issue, the partnership between Rise and Ride Electric was formed to offer e-bikes as an alternative form of transport.

Have you tried an eBike?

To help understand the incredible difference an eBike can make, we are providing FREE experience sessions.

These are organised from Ride Electric’s HQ at Tynemouth Station, in the business units on the west side platform.  You will be welcomed with a coffee and enthused about the brilliance of the eBike phenomenon before going for an escorted ride.  We are in the heart of a variety of routes in this picturesque location and is a perfect place to try out electric bikes. We will escort you along the paths and trails that wind in and around this beautiful area, sharing the electric bike experience with you and answering any questions you have.  You can then take the eBike for the day (it must be returned before 16:00).


Book your eBike

If you are ready to confirm your eBike, you can book below:

Due to Rise receiving a large proportion of their funding through Sport England and Lottery public funding, they would like to conduct a monthly survey throughout the 6-month project with those taking part.  The questions would be in conjunction with the Sport England Active Lives Survey (measuring levels of physical activity in adults across England) as well as taking in various aspects of mental wellbeing.  Your answers will remain anonymous, and results from all participants will be reported as a group case study at the end of the project.

Questions you may have

We have prepared a series of questions and answers to answer any questions you may have:


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