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What if all commuters ditched their cars and replaced them with bicycles?

Motivate your workforce to consider solo-driving.

We help companies to swap car trips for bikes. Boost the health of your workforce while reducing your carbon footprint.

A bit visionary, but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming…

You have to eat, sleep and breathe to live, but according to the World Health Organisation, in order to stay healthy you also need at least 20 minutes of moderate activity every day. This model is proven to be the best form of preventive medicine out there.

A company’s biggest asset is still its people and we believe bike commuting can simply be the morning-afternoon workout for employees, that beats wasted time in traffic and expensive & demotivating gym memberships.

Employers can reduce the number of cars on the roads, slashing commute and health related costs and create a healthier, more engaged workforce.  A healthy workforce means a healthy business – and a better world

“If you want healthier employees, pay them to stop driving”

You could consider  a company eBike experience day to start the process…

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