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Power through your work commute on an electric bike

How to save money!

For a lot of employees, commuting to work can be problematic, with congested roads, roadworks, public transport delays and traffic which causes frustrations, road rage and creates a stress to the start of your working day which could easily be avoided.

The alternative to this stress can be an eBike.  eBikes are a new form of transport and for the 1hour commute that would normally take 15 minutes (when theres no traffic).  When we were at Wansbeck hospital on 20/04/2018, we explained to employees how an eBike could save them money over time when not using a car or public transport.

Northumbria Health Care Trust are allowing all their employees purchase eBikes through  from 01/05/2018, where Ride Electric will support the NHS staff with their purchase.

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