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Hexham General Hospital will help staff tackle the hills of Northumberland with the support of Ride Electric.

Why would the NHS want eBikes for their employees?

Over the last week, on our visits around Northumbria Health Care Trust properties, there is definitely a requirement to tackle the car parking issues – cars parking on grass verges, in spaces that aren’t meant for cars, in very unusual places – an alternative is most definitely required.

It isn’t as easy just to build a new car park, especially when there is no more land to do so, and with the car population growing, the road networks bulging and delayed public transport… eBikes are the answer.

We had a great day today showing off our eBikes and the new GCI cycle scheme and Hexham General Hospital are looking forward to the scheme launching on 1st May 2018.

Next location – Northumbria Emergency Care Hospital, Cramlington 24.04.18


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