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Hövding 3. The world’s safest head protection is worn like a collar around the neck. In the event of an accident the airbag inflates to protect your head. The next generation in Swedish safety technology is here.

For Christmas!

Having sold out of our first set of Hövding Helmets we now have 5 back in stock ready to go to protect ahead of a loved one this Christmas. An ideal present for those who hate the look, fit and inconvenience of a conventional helmet. It is lightweight, sleek and provided it isn’t involved in a crash it will last a lifetime unlike a traditional helmet with a shelf life.


In an age of smart devices, innovation, and the environment. Hövding has developed its app to connect to its helmet that tracks all kinds of information. The basics such as distance, average speed, etc. But more importantly how much Co2 you have saved cycling! Not only tracks but also alerts a loved one in the event of a crash which is crucial for care and peace of mind


So get your orders in before Christmas. Only five in stock…

Here is their story;


The saying Necessity is the mother of invention can be said to apply to Hövding’s story. The concept of an airbag for cyclists was born in 2005 after Sweden passed a law requiring those under 15 to wear a bicycle helmet. This sparked a public debate on mandatory helmet use and whether the requirement should be extended to adult cyclists. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, industrial design students in Lund at the time, began discussing this. Their brainstorming ultimately led to one pivotal question — regardless of whether helmets are required by law, would it be possible to design a bicycle helmet that everyone would want to wear? And if so, what would it look like? Perhaps the most stylish helmet was one you couldn’t even see.

For their thesis project, Haupt and Alstin developed a revolutionary idea – an airbag for cyclists. They set out to make a helmet that wasn’t a helmet but rather an airbag that is worn around the neck like a collar. This groundbreaking concept and innovative design earned the project immediate publicity.

In 2006, Hövding won Venture Cup, a competition that helps young entrepreneurs transform their visions into viable business plans. Hövding Sverige AB was founded the same year, and over the following seven years the concept progressed from an idea to an approved and certified product.

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