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Fact. 95% of car journeys across the UK are below 10 miles long. That is just under a kilogram of co2 emissions. Now multiply that by every car you see on the road and that’s a problem.

Fact. In a stop and start city, an average mpg across the UK is 28.225mpg. For a ten mile trip that will cost you £1.87. Now replace a car with an eBike, that will cost you 20p for 70 miles with a 400wh battery. That’s 2.9p for ten miles, 96.67% cheaper on an electric bike.

Fact. Conventional gasoline vehicles only convert about 17%–21% of the energy stored in gasoline to power at the wheels. Whereas an electric car converts 59-62% efficient. Putting that in perspective, car engines have been developing for over a century and the best they can come up with is 41% efficiency. Electric cars as we know them have been developing nearly half as long. They are getting more and more efficient each year too. The same goes for the eBike.

In an age of co2 emissions, melting ice caps, the efficiency of electricity is needed to convert as much electrical energy as possible into moving forward.

Enter the cargo e Bike.

Cargo e Bikes are essentially a conventional e Bike with a considerably longer wheelbase and complex steering linkage (much like a car). Thanks to this increased wheelbase it allows for cargo to be stored and transported in the centre of the bike, making the bike handle incredibly stable.

Riese & Müller are pioneering the cargo electric bike. Catering for deliveries, travelling tradespeople and even for a fun day with a young family.

Have you ever seen one of those waterproof trailers on the back of a bike travelling down a 40 mph, dual carriageway? Well I know I have and they are terrifying. With an electric cargo bike, it places the young children in the centre of the bike as a part of the bike. Safe in a waterproof enclosure with windows. A Riese & Müller packster has the ability to travel up to 100 miles with a full load. That’s Newcastle city centre to the coast and back 5 and a half times

E-bikes can massively revolutionise a wide array of industries. A tradesperson has been called out for a boiler fix, Take an e bike! An engineer is needed across site, take an e bike!

Cargo e Bikes are going to be big, it’s inevitable. Could you benefit from a cargo eBike?       


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