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Earn More, Work Less...

Many Deliveroo riders have been discovering that with an electric bike, they can make more deliveries and cover more miles than they can with a normal bike.

Also, as the effort to tackle hills, headwinds and longer deliveries is diminished, they can work longer without getting fatigued. Our customers and restaurants are happy too – food gets to the customer’s door faster with less issues – so we all win!

Here’s what riders think…

A video taken totally unprepared, shown purely for illustrative purposes…












“You love the convenience of having an eBike, but does it help you make more money?”

Yes, definately!

Could you benefit?

We want all of our riders to benefit from having an eBike, so we have teamed up with one of the the World’s largest bike brands Raleigh, to bring eBikes with a package of support exclusively to our riders. So we are on the look out for riders who would like to take part in trials to determine the benefits that electric bikes will bring to them.

If selected, you will have access to an eBike to use free of charge for an agreed period of time. In return, we will require feedback of the experience. We will also be determining the performance and financial impact that electric bikes will enable for you, and learn from you how to make this a truly beneficial service for all Deliveroo riders.

Do you want to take part?

If you want to know more and take part in the trial, please register your interest and we’ll be in touch.



Available Brands