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The only way you'll discover the fun and practicality of an e Bike is to try one! We have a range of opportunities to give it a go. We like to give you a meaningful experience and provide escorted rides over varied terrain that show their true potential. Everyone who books a ride will receive a voucher offering £50 off a bike bought from us too.

North Tyneside

FREE Experience Ride

Unit 2 The Sidings, Tynemouth Station
Every day by arrangement
FOC and £50 off bike purchase

FOC and £50 off bike purchase

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The Lock

North Tyneside

eBike Tour – Royal Quays to Blyth

Royal Quays Marina
Every Saturday
£49 / Person

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Patrol Hadrians Wall with a Park Ranger

Escorted ride from The Sill
November 2nd
£60 / Person

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electric mountain bike


eMTB Experience Ride

Escorted ride at a forest location
Location by arrangement
£20 / Person

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The E Bike Experience

To open minds to the potential that an e bike can offer, we needed to make it very simple for all to access the potential. So, what is an electric bike? Before you commit, here is some insight from first-time riders who shared their understanding and experiences:

“I had ridden more than I had in years, but somehow, I didn’t get tired, even when I rode uphill. The motor on the electric bike was working I realised – it was just working subtly. I’d expected the e bike to feel a bit like a motorcycle, but it actually just felt like I’d become super-fit and was riding a normal bike.

Everyone needs an e bike. They make cycling for transport accessible. Wind and rubbish weather, hills, feeling sweaty, distance, poor fitness, illness, injury and lack of confidence all melt away when electric bikes are in the mix.”

“You have to re-learn how to ride a bike – you have to learn to stop pushing yourself once you reach the bike’s top-speed and just pedal slowly to keep the motor engaged. You won’t go any faster than you would have done normally, but the difference is that you’ll put in less than half of the effort on an electric bike.”

“The battery has a range of around 40 miles and is attached to the frame of the electric bike. To charge it you use a key to unlock it from the frame, and then plug it into a standard wall outlet. I charged the battery overnight, but you could also carry it into an office if you want the satisfaction of not paying for the electricity yourself.”

“The electric bike has a powerful motor in it that’s capable of getting you up to 15mph [a top speed which is imposed by regulations rather than technology] fairly quickly, but aside from when you first push off, you almost barely feel it.”

“My longer trip saw the biggest benefit of an electric bike. While I normally stay overnight to recover from the hour and a half of riding to visit my mum, the electric motor meant that I put in significantly less effort and could easily do the return trip on the same day. That’s three hours of cycling in total, and I felt about as out of breath as I’d be after a brisk walk.”

“When I push the pedals, the motor engages and gives you a boost, so you can whizz up hills with a loaded backpack and cruise over challenging terrain without significant effort.”

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