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Help drive your staff wellbeing agenda

As an employer, staff wellbeing is all about making sure that your workforce is healthy and happy. Companies will always get more out of their employees when they take their wellness seriously, so If you don't already have an employee wellness programme, make sure that the approach you take looking after your workforce is the best it can possibly be…

“More than ever before, employees are demanding that they are taken care of by the companies they work for. And that is not a trend that’s going to reverse itself anytime soon.”

We have responded to this challenge by introducing Company eRide Experience days, which are an educational, inspirational and fun activity for your staff, and assist in driving employee health and wellbeing strategies too.

We will help you to:

  • Develop healthier and, as a result, more productive staff
  • Reduce the costs of staff parking arrangements
  • Reduce staff frustrations by minimising the impact of car congestion
  • Meet carbon emission targets
  • Attract and retain forward thinking staff
  • Improve staff loyalty
  • Improve public perception of the business
  • Demonstrate to staff that their business cares about them

Format of the eRide Experience

The sessions enable members of your staff to attend an off-site eBike experience, based at Ride Electric HQ on Tynemouth Metro Station, consisting of:

  • An overview of eBikes as a concept and alternative transport
  • An introduction to the eBike and preparation for the ride
  • A guided tour around the region to feel the difference an eBike makes, and to take in points of interest along the way. Tours are delivered in an entertaining way which will inform and entertain!  Terrain will be varied and take attendees on routes they probably have never been on and amaze them on the ability to effortlessly climb hills or ride into a head wind.
  • A debrief on return and to gather your staff’s perception of their experience.

Sessions include: 

  • Coffee on arrival *
  • eBike provision and helmet use *
  • Video and still photography for posterity and promotion
  • f.o.c. Metro ticket to get to our location painlessly
  • Refreshments
  • A goodie bag for attendees
  • Reduced eRide Club Group Membership*
  • Provision of an eBike for use by staff for one week, to help confirm the relevance of eBikes after the event

We have two types of Experience Day packages: Comprehensive and Essentials. Items listed are for Comprehensive packages.  The Essentials option includes items marked * .

Things you’ll want to know

Sessions are for 4 staff at a time – for 8 staff, it’ll be two sessions, 12 staff, three.  The duration per session is around 2 1/2 hours. so your employees aren’t out of the business for the whole day.  Session start times are: 09:3012:00; 11:3014:00 and 13:3016:00 we will confirm your desired start times for your sessions.   Rides are conducted by qualified British Cycling Ride Leaders and we are fully insured so you know your staff are in safe hands.

There is no need for cycle specific clothing – general purpose outdoor wear will suffice – just make sure everyone gears up for for the weather, and wears flat shoes – trainers are fine.  We will provide helmets.

There is a high probability that attendees will be inspired to take the eBike phenomenon further after their ride.  We can support this with enhanced pricing for:

We gather rider perception from the sessions. These surveys are anonymous and help us with information that may improve your commute to work.

NOTE: We suggest that an additional date is scheduled as an alternative in the event of inclement weather on the selected day.  We will arrange this with you separately.


Bike styles available at this location:

  • Cargo Bikes
  • Mountain and Trail
  • Tour and Commute

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