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Fancy going travelling further? Interested in refreshing your commute? Do eBikes sound like the future? We also offer eBike rentals. Allowing you to see if an eBike will fit into your day to day life. Day hire, weekend, week and even a month. This is the best way to experience an eBike as if it was yours.

A Hire will allow you to experience and explore the natural beauty of Portrush and it’s surroundings

The historical Dunluce Castle, built in the 1500s by the McQuillan clan and fought over for generations to come including being taken over by Sorley Boy MacDonnell the infamous leader and warrior.

Visit the world’s oldest whiskey at Bushmills Distillery before cycling to the world of Giants, Finn McCool’s masterpiece, The Giants Causeway.

Not much further into your journey, you will find Ballintoy harbour, home to its own share of history and modern folklore – it was used in many scenes in Game of Thrones including the return of Theon to the Iron Islands!

If you decide to keep your fantastic ebike for longer you will discover Ballycastle, Cushendall and Cushendun, The Dark Hedges, Carrickfergus Castle and so much more! Not to mention the stunning cafes, restaurants, and accommodation along your epic journey.

An eBike will not only allow you to explore areas not previously possible but will allow you to travel further, faster and for longer. This is equally applicable to commuting. Using an alternative form of transportation.

Following quiet tracks, taking in what’s around you, without getting hot or sweating if you don’t want to. A much better way to start a days work than a cup of coffee.

Bike styles available at this location:

  • Mountain and Trail
  • Tour and Commute


Available Brands