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eCargo biking with my family. What a lovely experience...

eCargo biking with my family. What a lovely experience – but riding round Tynemouth at the weekend, we might as well all been wearing clown suits.

Eeeh look! People in a box!

The average person has no concept of life without cars, so what chance would you have riding in a car which you pedal?  Anyway, joking aside, generally people did see us, it made them smile and maybe, hopefully wake up to the idea that this could be an option.

“Cargo bikes, generally the Dutch or Danish style three-wheelers with a wooden load-carrier at the front, are still pretty rare in the UK. Their appeal is obvious: you can carry several children and/or a load of shopping but park more or less anywhere, and the running costs are negligible.”

There’s even a grant to support the movement: eCargo Bike Grant Fund

Want to try one? Want to know more?  You can hire an eCargo bike here. Remember to bring your red nose…

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