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North Tyneside Council and the Energy Savings Trust have invested in a fleet of eCargo bike to both use internally and lend them out to help the local community to grow the economy in our area.

eCargo bike free for a month

If you are a business or organisation that needs to make deliveries of smaller items within a short radius at any time of the week, this is a perfect opportunity for you.

The scheme will provide eCargo bikes for use as pool bikes for local businesses who need to make local deliveries. Once registered on the scheme, you simply book you. eCargo bike and it is yours for business use for a month free-of-charge.  You will need to make arrangements for covering the costs for insurance and ensure it is stored in a secure location overnight.

They are also being made available to large organisations, including the local authority, the police force, local chambers of commerce and major business parks, for use by employers as a shared bookable pool bike. The focus of the scheme is to provide access to e-Cargo bikes for locally operating SME’s to use prior to investing/acquiring their own dedicated e-bike.

What is an eCargo bike?

Electric cargo bikes come in all shapes and sizes, North Tyneside council have invested in Urban Arrow Cargo XL bikes. These are larger eCargo bikes so are perfect for business use. They have an elongated front to allow room for a flight case as seen in the photo below. This space can be used for multiple purposes. These bikes are surprisingly easy to ride and after a short practice, most users are fully confident in handling their eCargo bikes.


Please note that you will be responsible for providing cover for insurance against loss or damage and any third-party liabilities you are responsible for. You will need to provide a copy of the insurance upon collection. You must also acknowledge that the eCargo bike will be kept in a secure location and locked up at all times.


Book your eCargo bike for a month:

Arrange a call to find out how to get involved:


North Tyneside’s support for active transport

North Tyneside as part of our Climate Emergency declaration in 2019 is determined to support local businesses in operating with cleaner fleets and where possible reduced car/van usage. This will help both deliver improved Air Quality and resolve local NOx exceedances as well as reduce overall Carbon outputs for the Borough.

The proposed e-Cargo bike scheme will complement several other sustainable transport initiatives operating in North Tyneside. The first is our “Go Smarter North Tyneside” behavioural change programme which works with all schools, local businesses, and new housing developments to advocate and support modal shift onto more sustainable modes. The Go Smarter programme engages with all major employers/business parks in the Borough at our quarterly Travel Planning Working Group. This group of employers represents approximately 35,000 staff working in the Borough and attendees of the Working Group are key decision-makers within these businesses including, Northumbria Healthcare Trust, HMRC, DWP, Cobalt Business Park, and Quorum Business Park. The initiative has delivered long term modal shift of up to 11% across all schools in the borough as well as reduced parking demand and single occupancy car trips at both major business parks through a successful car-sharing scheme.

The second initiative is a wider regional campaign associated with the Tyneside Authorities (Newcastle, Gateshead and North Tyneside) working to resolve NOx exceedances and delivering a Clean Air Zone in Central Newcastle. As part of this work, a submission has been made to the Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU) for funding from the Clean Air Fund (CAF). The CAF funding is anticipated to be received in April 2020 and the awareness


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