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23rd to 27th September 2019 is national bike to school week. A week in which students cycle to schools across the country. Enjoying the fresh air, exercise and independent travel. Cycling to school has countless benefits, however, why is it only encouraged one week of the calendar year?

Let’s take a look at the Netherlands. The Netherlands has a greater number of bicycles than people. Cycling is second nature. 27% of all journeys are made via bicycle compared to Britain’s 2%. Cargo bikes allow parents to take their children to school without the restriction of such traffic. This nationwide adoption of cycling has reduced strain on the environment, health care systems and traffic. Children grow up watching adults travel by bike resulting in another generation of cyclists and not another or angry motorists.

Now most of us can’t blame the weather as central England and the eastern UK have a very similar climate to the Netherlands. One of biggest restrictions of widespread adoption of cycling in the UK is the practicality of negotiating sweat and general effort. Cycling will realistically add an extra hour to the time of the journey its self including showering and clothing changes. eBikes offer a major solution to this problem, they allow for sweat free cycling travel. Commuting bikes include integrated lights and mudguards to protect from the elements. The motor allows you to wear more waterproof clothing as you won’t have to worry breathability to the same degree.

So parents, get your children cycling to school. Get yourself out of your car and onto an eBike to introduce a more practical form of cycling. Children look up to adults, this change will help encourage the next generation that cycling is a viable form of travel in the UK.

At Ride Electric we understand that eBikes will make a big change to your life that why we are here. We offer rentals from half a day to months. So hire a bike for cycle to school week. Cycle with your kids to school and cycle to work. Discover a new form of cycling, experience the outdoors without the effort.

For those of you who may be considering eCargo bikes, we are hosting an eCargo night on Friday 27th 16:00 18:00 where current owners can share their experiences with those who are considering eCargo. This will allow you to gain a greater understanding of how eCargo will transform your travel.

We hope to see you all there…

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