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We can enable electric bike usage without long-term commitment through our Long-Term eBike Rental which gives access to an eBike for a minimum term of 3 months.

This is of benefit to:

  • Organisations wishing to promote electric bikes as an alternative to car use for commuting without committing to capital purchase, or as an alternative to company car use.
  • Individuals wanting to validate the use of electric bikes over a longer period prior to purchase.
  • Extending existing electric bike pools for a limited period of increased capacity.

The service consists of:

  • Fully prepared electric bike equipped with rack, pannier bag, charger and spares kit. Handover training is provided to familiarise the rider with the eBike and care requirements.
  • eBikes are eRideTrak  enabled, which enhances security by being able to identify location as well as providing usage status for personal and organisational metrics (we will prepare custom reports for organisations to meet corporate requirements).
  • Theft insurance (limited to the terms of cover.  This does not include third-party liability cover which is the responsibility of the rider or business)
  • eBikes are supported and maintained to maintain optimum condition.

eBikes are typically urban/touring models.  We can arrange eCargo bikes too – which are great for commercial use or dropping the kids to school.


The price for a fully equipped and supported, high quality urban/touring electric bike varies on the length of forward commitment.  The minimum term of 3 months is £199/month reducing to £129/month for a 12 month agreement (this can reduce dramatically to circa £69/month for 24 months if the employer hires the eBike to the employee through the GCI).  There is support for volume rate reduction too.  We are also seeking support from Government for contribution through their safer travel guidance initiatives.

There is an initial payment of two months rental paid up front as a deposit, which includes the first month’s rental, which will be refunded on return of the bike in a similar condition.  Payment for this arrangement is preferred through Direct Debit agreement alternatively, payment for the full minimum term will be required in advance. eBike can be purchased for reduced cost at the end of term through finance and/or with a Cycle to Work voucher.





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