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To extend the fun of Electric Bikes, and help ease the cost of renting or owning one, join our eRide Club.

The eRide Club provides members with the following benefits:

  • Reduced prices for:
    • eBike maintenance agreements (only for first year *)
    • eBike rental
    • Partner programmes and tours
  • A reward for introductions to those who buy an eBike
  • Invitation to other incentives and initiatives including reduced price:

Price for membership is £35 annually which entitles you to purchase service packages from Ride Electric to the value of £70 in total.  This effectively gives you double the value of services for the price of the membership.


Here are some examples of the benefits:

  1. Maintenance Contract£155 / year; with eRide Club, £85 to pay, actual cost £120  *
  2. Rental of 2 eBikes for a day – £78; with eRide Club, £8 to pay, actual cost £43 
  3. 4 x Partner rentals on location – eg Wallingon Hall – £60; £0 to pay,  actual cost £25, £10 balance

(Actual cost reflects the actual amount to pay, including the price for membership)


A bike introduced to us which results in a sale.  If you introduce a friend to us and it results in a sale, we will offer you a benefit of cash value, which you will receive or use against other Ride Electric products or services.

eBike  sale value Rate Reward paid
£2,750 1.5% £41




The offer is repeated every subscription renewal (Subscriptions will continue until cancelled at any time.  To avoid any billing errors, please ensure your Direct Debit is cancelled).

Available Brands