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eRideDrop connects consumers with their chosen suppliers, facilitating eBike deliveries  promptly, reliably and competitively. 

Our simple two-step process will have you delivering to your customers in no time:

1) Register for the service:

2) Book your delivery

For deliveries within NE29, NE30 postcodes:

For deliveries within NE25, NE26, NE27 postcodes:

eCargo bike delivery is a cost-effective, efficient and pollution-free service that will delight your customers and save you time and money

With this process, you will access a local, trained rider network who will be equipped with an electric cargo bike which is capable of making deliveries of goods to your customer quickly and dependably on your behalf.    You take an order for your services as normal, book the delivery for an agreed time window, then the rider will arrive at your premises, pick up the goods and deliver your order to the customer – and that’s all there is to it.   

There is a monthly membership for the service, then a small charge per drop which costs less than comparable delivery networks. This also eliminates the need to consume your time, cost and vehicle to self-deliver.  

Deliveries are performed in time windows – morning, afternoon and evening –  deliveries are made from the booking slot start time within a two hour period.


  • You can log in if you make multiple delivery orders to save time
  • Payment for the service can be made on the time of booking or at month-end plus a surcharge for administration
  • Proof of delivery can be provided on demand
  • We can provide the link to the booking page to include in your own website
  • Deliveries to separate locations will require separate bookings and associated detail



Available Brands