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If you are a business or organisation that needs to make deliveries of smaller items within a short radius at any time of the week, this service could be right for you.

You will be connected to a local, trained rider network who will be equipped with an electric bike which is capable of making deliveries of your goods to your customer quickly and dependably.  

You take an order for your services as normal, book the delivery for an agreed time, then your rider will arrive at your premises and take your order to the customer on an electric bike – and that’s all there is to it!

There is a monthly charge to commit to the service, then a small charge per drop.  The overall cost of the service is less than comparable delivery networks, and the service is enabled by fast and efficient electric bike.  This ensures a high level of customer satisfaction, pollution-free operation and happy riders, making for a dependable and efficient service.

To get involved, after you register we coordinate businesses in your area to build a critical mass to justify the service, then build a supplier network to serve you.  We will manage the service on your behalf.

Register your interest:

Make a delivery booking here

(we can provide a link for your own website too):


 Registration  Shared service  Per month           20.00  (minimum 5 businesses)
 Dedicated service         150.00
 Delivery  Per drop             5.00
  • Deliveries are paid online at time of order.  Payment on account is subject to a 5% surcharge.



Available Brands