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Enabling the adoption and management of eBikes and eCargo bikes

The Business Case for eBikes

eBikes and eCargo bikes can be a business enabler, money saving transport solution, staff motivation driver and can even present an opportunity for generating additional revenue. We help businesses to justify and manage their adoption.

eBike Adoption Programme

For larger employers and Public Sector organisations to encourage the use of e-Bikes as a practical option for commuting or as an alternative form of transportation requires clear justification.  The eAP is a structured pilot engagement to discover the reasons why eBikes are so compelling then build a business case for their adoption.

Rental Partner Programme

This is an easy-access method for owners of visitor-rich business locations to increase their revenues by enhancing their core capability to offer e-bikes as a service.

Enabling Technologies

eRideTec have developed a suite of technologies to assist with the management of eBike ownership:


There are many reasons why tracking of assets is important – which is especially relevant for eBikes. From providing peace of mind knowing rider and eBike are secure, to meeting environmental compliance – knowing where your eBikes are and have been, can be essential.


Being able to easily and securely enable controlled access to your eBike stocks could be critical for operating a rental fleet or managing a company eBike pool.  eRideBook provides the functionality required.

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