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eRideTec is a suite of technologies to assist with the management of eBike ownership.

eRideTec is how we grew our business efficiently.  Could this be yours too?

From day one, we wanted Ride Electric to harness the benefit of digital technology to maximise customer service – and drive efficiency.  We wanted to promote the adoption of electric bikes in a way that has never been done before.

We all now make considered decisions from our phones and computers at home, in the evening, at any time – from anywhere.  You don’t need to contend with the stress of the ‘Can I help you sir?’ walk in to a store to make a decision (Shop assistants hate that process too by the way…).  We are now familiar with ‘Zoom’ meetings – why should buying an eBike be any different?

With Ride Electric, you can book a meeting, chat with us, or arrange an experience ride, rent and buy your eBike online.  You can arrange ongoing support, book a service or buy a loyalty card and gift voucher online too.  You may want to know your investment is secure, and track your eBike’s whereabouts online. You might also want to measure carbon saving, energy efficiency and the health benefits of this new mode of transport – as an individual or a company – online.

That was our vision, and that’s what we’ve delivered.  We are making our tech available to the market.  If you want to drive your bike business in to the future, find out more here.  Then get in touch. Online.


There are many reasons why tracking of assets is important – which is especially relevant for eBikes. From providing peace of mind knowing rider and eBike are secure, to meeting environmental compliance – knowing where your eBikes are and have been, can be essential.


Being able to easily and securely enable controlled access to your eBike stocks could be critical for operating a rental fleet or managing a company eBike pool.  eRideBook provides the functionality required.

eRideTec could transform your eBike business…


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