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There are many reasons why tracking of assets is important – which is especially relevant for eBikes. From providing peace of mind knowing rider and eBike are secure, to meeting environmental compliance - knowing where your eBikes are and have been, can be essential.

The eRideTrak package includes pre-configured GPS Tracker,  software and pre-paid SIM card (automatically renewed within the ongoing subscription) and installation.


Once installed, it will automatically start reporting its position to cloud servers and will enable viewing of its real-time location using a PC, tablet or smartphone.  The tracker detects when the ignition of the e-bike is turned on.


eRideTrak provides eBike and rider location verification for:
    • Physical location and route tracking history
    • Journey statistics for carbon reduction and staff wellbeing
    • Health & Safety status verification
    • Knowledge of eBike location in the event of theft
    • eBike service requirement notification and motor status *
Powered by eBike internal battery power, with automatic power-on.  Access and notifications enabled by iPhone ™ app


You can set-up informative reports to be created in HTML, PDF or CSV format to allow the data to be imported into other databases or software systems for:
  • Ride data – distance travelled, average speed and trip duration to track:
    • Personal target achievement
    • Activity for business justification and ROI and billing/recharge
  • Health and environmental metrics to monitor:
    • Carbon saved over other forms of transport
    • Health and well-being status
    • Aggregated user data collated for rider groups / business reporting *


The monthly price for eRideTrak includes unlimited coverage, app, software usage and installation and can be bought in single or multiple units. Units are installed securely and concealed into the eBike by certified eRideTec specialists.  We will be in touch to arrange your installation.





eRideTrak comes with a Global Sim; Multi-network UK & Global roaming connectivity for international travellers. The tracker automatically uses the strongest network if you’re in the UK, and if you’re travelling abroad, it switches to inclusive multi-network roaming in the EU and many global destinations, offering unlimited data use in a GPS tracker for a fixed annual price. Prepaid SIM cards ensure that your tracker stays online 24/7 365 days without any extra usage or roaming fees.

The Tracker features ultra-low current draw with Dynamic Energy Saving technology and the latest Quad GPS Module (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO & AGPS) coupled with Smart Auto-Load Technology. GPSLive cloud-based GPS tracking platform is accessible using an internet browser on a PC or Mac as well as a mobile app for IOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets.

API interface provisioning for integration to client management systems *


* Available in Q3 2020

Available Brands