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The Rental Partner Programme is an easy-access method for owners of visitor-rich business locations to increase their revenues by enhancing their core capability to offer e-bikes as a service.

Partners are equipped with high-quality bikes with models to suit their market.  They get display equipment, point-of-sale materials and access to online trading and information systems.  They also receive product & sales training and access to technical & sales support to provide the backup needed.  They are helped to build their own ride communities to get people out together in groups to share the experience.

Partners can start trading almost immediately and quickly benefit from rental revenues and commissions from the sale of bikes – without having to become a bike shop.

We can help partners to start trading almost immediately and quickly benefit from rental revenues and commissions from the sale of bikes – without having to become a bike shop.

Here is an example webpage to to show how a rental site could look and function:  EXAMPLE

The requirements for an eBike rental operation are very specific – we work with you to define what your location will benefit from. Recommendations are supported by clear business justification to demonstrate a return on your investment (we also help you to secure regional grant support if available).
NB This service is coordinated by Ride Electric

Available Brands