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Here are thoughts from NHS Frontline staff and the wonderful organisations that have supported us with this initiative.


Here are the thoughts from the NHS Staff that we are jointly helping:

It is a real morale boost to frontline staff to feel the community goodwill behind them. It is also great to have a real alternative for travel to & from work while staying off public transport.

I’m in a high risk group myself, but chose to continue working because we run a vital service.  Having an eBike has helped me avoid unnecessary contact risk.

It has made a massive difference to my mental wellbeing in travelling to and from work and it is really enjoyable too!!! I can not thank you enough for arranging this for me.

This makes me feel really valued.  Thank you Siemens Gamesa for investing in the NHS and my colleagues – which is really appreciated when times are so uncertain and we have many challenges to contend with.

Thank you – it has given me a huge boost.  Such a thoughtful, timely and purposeful gesture.

This will mean I can get to work refreshed and ready for the challenges ahead.


Here are the organisations who are helping to support our amazing NHS Frontline key workers:

We are delighted to help and are really looking forward to hearing any updates.

Chris and Abbey

Even though our business is locked down, we needed to show our support.

Steven Morrison-Cairns

Fish Pharma Recruitment – specialise in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare headhunting and recruitment.

We have a close affinity with the North East and we wanted to show our appreciation to the NHS in this region, so this was our way to help.

Carolyn and Andy

Unnamed sponsor – We thank you for your contribution

This isn’t about me, its about them.  I am happy to be able to support a great cause.


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