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This video which explains why e Bikes are great for achieving training goals.

It features professional racer Remy Absalon, 12 time champion of the torturous Mega Avalanche mountain downhill race, who surely knows what he’s talking about.

Watch this video – it’s subtitled, but don’t let that put you off!:

e bike quote

 “I use it for exploring, building and even training.” From an EWS rider and 12 time Mega Avalanche champion this was an interesting answer.


  1. Find a tour around 1h30 or 25km
  2. Skip the fire roads as much as possible and replace them by trails
  3. The goal is to avoid fast open trails where you reach the 25km/h assistance limit quite quickly but instead find steep, challenging and technical liaisons
  4. Each time the challenge is to climb without putting a foot on the ground. If it’s too easy, look for an alternative that is a bit more difficult.
  5. For the downs, its the same as a non-E-bike, the e-Genius can handle everything
  6. No stops between the uphill and the downhill, this is the key for enduro training. In enduro racing the difficult part is after 3 minutes of downhill, you start to be tired and then you start to do mistakes, lose seconds and start risking more crashes. By doing steep and technical uphill and downhill you can improve your skills to handle your bike after those 3 minutes. With a normal bike you do 15 minute intervals, with the E-Bike, 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  7. Record your rides and see the progress
  8. Enjoy!

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