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Since the Coronavirus hit us in the UK, the reality of what this situation has meant to the NHS and support staff has dawned on us all.

Speaking about this NHS initiative, Ride Electric’s Managing Director, Craig Goff-Cooper, said:

It is clear that public transport is not a valid option and car-sharing is ill-advised. So, for those without their own car, the only options for safe personal transport is on foot, cycling or – more effectively, using electric bikes.


There is no clearer evidence than in this heartrending note sent to us by a brave person:


We immediately responded by providing the loan of an eBike for this person.  We explored the need with hospital staff further who confirmed this was not an isolated situation – many were feeling threatened by being in close contact on their commute while travelling on shared transport.  

In addition to this support, we also helped our local Police Force by providing  them with two eBikes to patrol our locality effectively to help keep us all safe.  As a result of this we are now being asked for more support but we are now at the limits of our resources.  

We are therefore seeking organisations and individuals that can help in providing commercial support to provision an eBike for NHS frontline staff that can demonstrate a clear need.



How you can help them:


Business, organisation or caring individual that want to help:



From NHS Front-Line Staff and those that have supported this initiative:


NHS Staff

NHS workers interested in loan a bike through Ride Electric’s scheme:



Thank you to all NHS Staff for everything that you do.

Ride Electric

For transparency, Ride Electric are not making any profit from providing this service.  eBikes are provided on a long-term rental the funds raised go toward the costs of enabling the service. At the end of the term, the eBike can be purchased by the NHS Staff Member for the difference in the contribution made and the cost price of the bike or returned to us.




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