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If you are an NHS Frontline worker that would benefit from the use of an eBike for your commute to work, please register here:

We have arranged with sponsors to make an eBike available to NHS Frontline key staff for commuting to work, to keep safe from contagion while traveling.

If you are an NHS Frontline key worker and feel unsafe while traveling to your hospital on shared transport, you may be eligible for the use of a sponsored eBike.  Please note that supported Bikes are only available when we secure a sponsor and are decided on first come, and merit based criteria.  Register your interest here and we will be in touch:

We are working hard to secure more supporters to commit to this initiative.  As we do, we will be in touch to arrange your eBike handover (You will need to gain approval from a line manager). When we confirm the availability of an eBike, we’ll get in touch and ask you to arrange your handover here:


Available Brands