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Here are some of the questions and answers we have been asked:

Q: Why not just get the employee to buy a bike on a Ride 2 Work scheme the employer provides?
A: There a few factors to consider here:
  • Because the employee may not want to buy an eBike.  This scheme is in place for organisations that want to provide an eBike for their staff usage, not necessarily support the staff desire to purchase one.  
  • This bike may well be shared by other team members so it wouldn’t be appropriate if it weren’t owned by the company
  • The employer may well want to use this option of use for a specific use without long-term commitment
Q: Will we need to maintain the eBike?
A: It is the responsibility of the hirer to maintain the eBike in good condition and provide basic routine maintenance activities (cleaning, lubricating, tyre inflation etc.)  the agreement does however include return-to-base maintenance for comprehensive servicing.  Repairs caused by unplanned events (eg: punctures) are the responsibility of the hirer.
Q: What happens at the end-of-term?
A:  At the end of minimum term, the agreement can be renewed, the eBike can be returned, or the it can be purchased for a reduced price by the company or / employee directly or through a cycle to work scheme
Q: What arrangements are required before hire?
A: You will need to provide a form of identity and make an authorising credit card payment or supply a purchase order for surety. 
Q: What security features are provided?
A: For protection we provide secure locks with bikes, and for peace of mind its location is tracked electronically in case of theft. Please note it is the responsibility of the customer for managing the security of the bike under hire – a charge for its replacement will be made in the event of its non-return. 
Q: Is the rider insured? 
A: We arrange cover for the eBike in the event of theft when protected under the terms of cover.  We do not cover third-party liability cover for eBikes on hire so we would advise notifying your own insurance company to provide specific /additional cover for the period.
Q: What happens if we wish to cancel the hire?
A: If you choose to cancel a prepaid reservation 48 hours prior to the hire pickup time, we will credit you 50% of the full prepaid amount, or you can choose to re-schedule the hire to another date. 
Q: What are the terms of hire?
A: Full rental agreement terms and conditions can be found here:
Q: Can journey data can be recorded?
A: all eBikes are equipped with eRideTrak which provides eBike and rider location verification for:
    • Physical location and route tracking history
    • Journey statistics for carbon reduction and staff wellbeing
    • Health & Safety status verification
    • Knowledge of eBike location in the event of theft



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