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The eBike Adoption Programme (eAP) is to assist larger employers to encourage the use of e-Bikes as a practical option for commuting, or for use as an alternative form of transportation.

The eAP will enable organisations to pilot the use of electric bikes to build a business case to influence a modal shift from the use of diesel and petrol vehicles, toward the utilisation of electric bikes. eCargo and eBikes provide practical business transportation and employers can discover that e-Bikes are a practical option for staff commuting too.

How can eBikes help business?

The programme  takes the form of a controlled test designed together, to define outcomes to be achieved in a specified area. This will enable the business to justify the adoption of eBikes within the business based upon quantified improvements and savings in:
  • Costs  – Through the adoption of more efficient transport methods and reduction in car parking levies and charges
  • Time – Reducing desk-desk travel time through car congestion and parking space location delays
  • Productivity – Increasing service miles covered per working shift
  • Meeting governance and CSR targets – Reducing CO2 emissions, improving health and wellbeing outcomes
  • Staff happiness – Not having to fight traffic to get to work makes people happier!

Use case examples

The eAP is based upon the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) methodology to design and implement a controlled trial to build a business case for adoption.  This has been designed with disparate organisations to optimise and improve the effectiveness of for example:
  • Police patrolling
  • GP home visits
  • Inter-office transportation
  • Parking space reduction
  • Staff mobility
  • Meeting environmental targets
  • Urban courier transportation

What are the outcomes?

The eAP will culminate in a summary report detailing the key results that meet the envisaged objectives. This helps to justify the adoption of eBikes for:
  • Bike-share fleet – A pool of organisation owned eBikes that can be used for business transportation, encouragement for personal adoption of eBikes for commuting, or as an incentive/reward
  • Long-term rental – Provisioning of a fleet of eBikes on long-term rental as an alternative to outright purchase, or temporary expansion of a bike pool
  • Business transportation – Use as inter-departmental transportation or an alternative delivery method
  • Staff purchase schemes – Providing self purchase of eBikes through salary sacrifice monthly payment, with staff and company tax benefit


The service is business specific and priced individually to define objective setting and measurement, scale of the pilot test and the duration.


We are able to share an anonymised version of an eAP report for reference:

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