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With the closure of cities and town centres to traffic as a result of current events, local traders may have difficulty with local deliveries. Electric cargo bikes are the perfect solution and could be perfect for your business too.

We have therefore created the eCargo Bike Adoption Programme (eCAP) to discover if cargo bikes are right for your business.

The approach is really simple:

  • We supply you with a top of the range electric cargo bike for a month
  • It is branded with your company logo for promotion and visibility
  • Your staff will be trained in its use to ensure they feel safe and secure
  • You perform your deliveries as normal, but using an environmentally friendly, fun and efficient eCargo Bike
  • We arrange promotional photographs and interviews of your journeys which are shared jointly on a social media campaign to promote your business
  • We’ll gather feedback from your staff and customers of their perception of the innovative delivery approach that you have been pioneering

We will then provide you with a report showing journeys you’ve made, savings achieved over using a fuel-burning delivery vehicle and provide you with the carbon saving and health and wellbeing benefits you’ve achieved too.

You’ll then have the justification for purchasing your own eCargo bike on preferential terms, capitalising on the business tax benefits available for business and the support from Government for the migration to electric vehicles.

The cost for this service is based upon varying factors.  Together, we will help to determine the scope required.  If you choose to change the way your business works forever, you can invest in a cargo bike for a fraction of the overheads of running a commercial vehicle, (fuel, tax and insurance).

The impact of brand awareness and the pleasure you will derive is immeasurable!

Cargobikes Not Drones Are The Future For Urban Deliveries

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