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Who We Are

Ride Electric Portrush is run by Ricky Martin…….

Electric bikes Portrush – A new form of Adventure

Touring Portrush on an electric bike is the most immersive way to experience the culture and architecture on a scale not previously possible. Electric bikes allow you to tour previously out of reach areas. Instead of seeing two hours worth of the outdoors, you can see it all. Electric bikes unlock a new form of exercise that encourages you to travel further and faster. An electric bike allows you to choose how much assistance you need, the option of exercise or help when you need it. As a result, you are on the bike more frequently, getting places you never thought you could

Tour Portrush on an Electric Bike

We understand eBikes are a new form of transportation. An experience tour is the most accessible way to really understand the concept of an electric bike, the most accessible way to unlock a new level of riding. Electric bikes are far removed from mopeds, they are bicycles that assist you, they give you a percentage of your effort in return for you pedalling. They allow you to travel further, faster and for longer.

We think electric bikes are remarkable because they complement the human body and mind while connecting us with others. To find out more, it is possible to dip your toe in for a little taste. Our eBike experience tours and electric bike hire were built for just this purpose:

.eBike Rentals

Fancy going travelling further? Interested in refreshing your commute? Do eBikes sound like the future? We also offer eBike rentals. Allowing you to see if an eBike will fit into your day to day life. Day hire, weekend, week and even a month. This is the best way to experience an eBike as if it was yours.

Buy your own Electric Bike

Will an eBike transform your travel and day to day life? Here you can buy an eBike. We don’t sell like your traditional bike shop. Through one on one consultation, we get to know you and the riding that makes you tick. So we can find you the perfect eBike for you and your budget.



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