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Newcastle Hospitals has arranged the availability of electric bikes (eBikes) for you to use during your working hours.

We are doing this for you to experience how eBikes can be a viable alternative to the use of cars. This will help you contribute to Sustainable Healthcare in Newcastle (Shine) and the ambitious aim for Newcastle Hospitals to be a Net Zero Carbon organisation by 2040.

This scheme also aims to help improve local air quality, reduce the problem of onsite parking, and we also hope you will enjoy your journeys.

Getting involved is simple… 

You will have access to an eBike for a full week.  This will enable you to use it to commute to and from work and use it as an alternative for a car during working hours.  You simply make a booking when you want to use an eBike.  Please note there is a limit to availability, so ‘Book early’!!  Any questions you may have should be answered in the FAQ section, or contact the Team Lead.

We hope you enjoy using the eBikes and helping to transform toward active travel.

Book an eBike here:




Background Information

We are exploring a method to encourage the Community Paediatric Department based at Regent Point (RP) who often make short journeys around Newcastle City and surrounding areas, of which they either carry out home visits and also clinics at satellite bases i.e. Northern Counties school (NCS), Atkinson road, RVI or Benfield GP.  These journeys can vary between 3-18km and are often only taken once or twice with good diary planning, and this means staff can travel up to 26 miles per day if they have multiple journeys, but the average is probably closer to 10 miles per day.

Parking – another benefit of bikes is parking! Parking can often prove to be difficult in the multi-storey or at schools, a bike eliminates this worry/concern and is quite often time-consuming and very frustrating. 

Health and Wellbeing – we would like to eventually see more staff commute via pedal bike very much like on the continent. There is strong evidence for cycling as physical activity, there is increasing literature highlighting the benefit to the public and employees of reducing car usage 

COVID has shown that we do not need to use Motor Vehicles as often and this is a good opportunity (along with other institutions) to grow and progress to alternative methods of commuting.

We believe in encouraging staff to adopt e-Bikes as a practical means of commuting, whilst promoting environmental and sustainability credentials. Also, e-Bikes are an alternative form of transport that could be more readily attainable for the wider adoption of staff.

The e-Bikes will be stored at Regent Point.  


Available Brands