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Newcastle cycling group gives kids a break with bike trips

We came across a local guy called Dean Holmes who runs a great initiative called “The Heaton Goonies”.  It is the only kids cycling group/club in the east-end of Newcastle, for local kids in the community.  Dean runs ride outs for local kids – full day trips, half day, early evening and even midnight runs, which are apparently the most popular.  The group has proved very beneficial to all the kids who’ve been involved.

Dean says:

“Getting kids outside riding their bikes it is a lot healthier than being inside playing computer games.  They also benefit from the social aspect – meeting face to face and not via social media.  

The membership which has grown massively has grown a strong community bond – the friendships they have made will last a lifetime.  The feedback I am getting from parents, grandparents, doctors, teachers, the Police has been overwhelming, to be honest”.

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We believe that this is a great project and want to help Dean and the Heaton Goonies, so we have included the opportunity to donate to this group when taking an experience ride with us.

The project has also appealed to the BBC.  Its success was highlighted in a programme showing an example of a way to deal with evidence that show a child considered unfit 20 years ago would today be rated one of the fittest among their peers.  The astonishing research featured in a special programme: BBC Inside Out to mark the launch of Super Movers, a campaign delivered by the BBC in partnership with the Premier League.

…and just to show the attention he’s getting, here’s an article in the local press:  Evening Chronicle

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