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The concept of value added selling has been popular for some years now. In today’s market place where so many products and services are viewed as a commodity, the ability to add value to your business is absolutely necessary. In the year 2017, business park owners have been looking for various ways to reduce their cost, add more values to their business, and make more profit from their business.

Below are the top 5 ways to add more values to your business park in 2017

  1. Sustainable transport/ Electric Bike (e-bike): nowadays, most national parks and business parks use sustainable transportation means to transport visitors and workers from one side of the park to another. Sustainable transport cuts down business expenses since the cost of maintenance is very low when compared to gasoline. Most companies that run on green transport spend half the money they spend when using cars that run on petrol. The use of e-bike has been known to be an increasing means of transportation in business parks. These bikes run on rechargeable batteries and can travel up to 25 to 45 km/h. Ride Electric offers a partnership program whereby bikes are given out to partners for hire at an affordable rate to assist their workers in easy movement around the business park.
  2. Fitness group: organizing a fitness group on your business park is another way of adding more value to your business park. This is a good idea in a business environment. Office fitness can be fantastic for coworkers to help support and encourage each other, and the daily interaction can keep members accountable for exercise and diet. Workers would embrace this move, as it will be a place of relaxation and sharing their thought and mind with each other, without being bothered about work. Create workout sessions, whereby workers can come around at their leisure time to relax and work out.
  3. Food stands: this is also a great idea. During working days, workers have lunch breaks. They will visit the food stand to get their lunch. Make provisions for lunch bags, so that they can easily carry their lunch back to their various offices, or eat at the stand while relaxing under the available shade you made.
  4. Events: allow for special events like wedding, birthday parties, barbecues and any other type of event to be held in your business park centre. This would bring in more visitors to the park, thereby exposing the park to the world. The more your park is known to people, the more the values increases.
  5. Shopping: if possible, open a mini market on your business park. Workers can easily do their shopping immediately after work, without stressing themselves. A lot of people do not go for shopping because of the stress involved in going home before going to the shopping mall. But once they have one very close to their office complex, they can easily do their shopping before going home.

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