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One of the coolest things about electric bikes is how easy it is to keep them running well and how easy it is to repair them. Cars and motorbikes these days are so complex that even people who used to work on their older cars are forced to take their newer cars to a mechanic for costly maintenance and repairs. Being able for to maintain and repair your electric bike is another way to save money and an added advantage over costly car maintenance.

Many non-bikers believe that electric bikes are troubled with maintenance issues, but this is absolutely not true. Ride Electric and most dealers of e-bikes will provide a full set up on the bikes you buy, which is as important as the bike you are buying.

To be able to maintain your e bike very well, you need to know that they are bikes. You find all the same components of the common bicycle in them. The major things that differentiate an electric bike form the normal bicycle is the motor, control electronics, battery, sensors, rider interface and wire harness.

To get the best out of your e bike personally, here are some few steps you can take to maintain it yourself

  • Keep your e-bike clean always with bike specific cleaners. Be careful not to jet water in too close to the hubs and other areas that are normally greased.
  • Use a decent chain oil to keep the chain lubricated after cleaning
  • Keep the tires properly inflated
  • Keep the bike in a dry place when not in use

For a more generalized e-bike maintenance, there is a need for regular servicing for your bike to maintain high performance and to ensure your safety. It is advisable to get a professional service every 6 to 12 months. Ride Electric provides maintenance for both commercial fleets of e-bikes, as well as privately owned bikes. Here are some few tips on what will be checked for repairs by the professionals.

  • Motor connectors and batteries – most motors these days are either sealed or not serviceable, therefore if anything should go wrong with this, it would be replaced. This is the same with the batteries, but there are few steps that can be taken to extend your e-bike battery life. For example not leaving it to discharge for a long period of time, keeping it topped up, not leaving it out in the freezing cold and not leaving it out in the hot sun for many months if not in use.
  • Electrical problems – do not take out any of the electrics apart. If you do experience any electrical fault with your bike, contact Ride Electric. Many modern bikes have onboard diagnostics to tell the repairers what is going on in the event of a problem.

Ride Electric can partner with companies with lots of e-bikes to help them provide a solution whereby the bikes and maintenance are taken care of. This would reduce the cost of general maintenance if been taken to other repair shops.



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