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Here at Ride Electric, we are eBike specialists, we have been trading since the 1st of May 2017 and have years of experience with Bosch, Shimano, Brose, Yamaha and Tranzx systems. With official training and certification from Bosch MORE TO COME.

At Ride Electric we are avid cyclists and have been working on and riding bikes all of our lives. We take the utmost care when servicing your bike to make sure you can get the most out of your bike.

How To Book A Service

We offer a range of services at Ride Electric from puncture repairs to full strips and rebuilds of not only Electric bikes but conventional bikes too.

 If you are interested in servicing we would always recommend booking a service quote first so we can accurately assess your bike and provide you with the best solution for you.

  • If you wish to book a service package please follow;

Book a service package > Add any extra services > Select a drop off time > Fill in your details > complete. 

  • If you wish to book individual services please follow; 

Book a service quote >  Select a drop off time > Fill in your details > complete.

Once dropped off the bike will be assessed, any parts will be ordered and you will be given a quote and a collection date. If an unexpected problem arises during service will contact you and decide how to proceed. So the quote is subject to change

Maintenance Subscription

Our maintenance subscription is comprehensive and is designed to keep you riding throughout the year. Whether it is daily commuting or downhill mountain biking this subscription covers you.

At the end of each year, you get a Deluxe service with a free software update. Your eBike is essentially stripped down, cleaned, and rebuilt so your eBike feels fresh at the start of each year. You also get a free Regular service software update halfway through the year to make sure that your eBike continues to run smoothly for the rest of the year. Finally, any fitting on parts bought from us is fitted for free throughout the year.

This subscription is the same price as a single Deluxe service and a software update; £155/yr. So you essentially get free fitting through the year as well as a complimentary free regular service.


Service Packages

What’s Included Basic Regular Standard Deluxe
Every Bolt is correctly torqued to specification – Gears and brakes are Aligned – Tyres are pumped up Y Y Y Y
Full clean, degrease and polish Y Y Y
New stainless steel inner and outer cables – Wheels are trued and tensioned – Headset is serviced – Motor/crank is greased Y Y
Hubs are serviced – Brakes are bled with fresh fluid Y
Software update pricing £15 £10 £10 £10
Parts fitting charge discount 20% 40% 60% 80%
Additional service discount 20% 40% 60% 80%
Price £40 £60 £80 £140

An example of the 'included in' icon– Included


Individual Service Pricing

If you know exactly what needs doing to your bike or if you are not sure take a look at our individual service pricing. Book an assessment noting what is wrong in the comments. Book a drop-off date that is convenient for you. We will then recommend what is best for you and your bike


  • Tube/tyre replacement £5
  •  Wheel true £15
  •  Spoke replacement £20 (no spokes included)
  • Tubeless conversion £46 (including kit)
  • Tubeless conversion £15 (parts supplied) 
  • Wheel build £40 (no components)
  • Hub (loose ball bearing) service £15
  • Pressed Hub service (no bearings included) £20


  • Gear adjust £8
  • F+R Gear adjust £15
  • Gear service £12.50 (includes inner and outer cables)
  •  F+R Gear service £24 (includes inner and outer cables)
  •  Chain replacement £8 (Not including chain)
  • Cassette Fit £8 (Not including cassette)
  •  BB replacement £20 (Not including BB )
  • Crank/chainring refit/replacement £8
  • Drivetrain clean £20
  • New derailleur £15 (not including new derailleur)
  • New derailleur hanger £15 (not including derailleur hanger)
  • New shifter £15 (not including new shifter)


  • Brake alignment and adjustment £8
  • F+R brake adjustment £15
  • Brake service (including inner and outer cable) £12.50
  • F+R brake service (including inner and outer cables) £24
  • Brake pad fitting £10
  • Basic brake bleed (no fluid flush) £16
  • Advanced brake bleed (including fluid flush) £25
  • Hydraulic brake service (each component stripped and rebuilt) £35
  • Disc replacement (not including new disc)


  • Headset service (simple regrease no new bearings) £15
  • New bearing cups (not including new headset) £25
  • Frame bearing replacement (not including bearings) £40/hour
  • Fork swap £20  
  • Dropper post-install £30/hr


  • Motor swap – £45
  • Light installation £55
  • Bosch Software update – £15 
  • Sensor/display change £55


  • Safety bolt check and grease £10
  • Creak hunting bolt check and grease (no BB) £20
  • Mudguard/rack fit (not including new racks/mudguards) £30
  • New bar tape (not including bar tape) £15
  • Custom bike build £95
  • New bike set up £35

Suspension – Contact for pricing 

For Unlisted tasks hourly rate of £30





Available Brands