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Keeping your electric bike in top condition is important, to help you to avoid costly repairs further down the line.   Here you will find options for bike servicing, e Bike Maintenance Agreements, repairs and training.  We can service and repair a wide range of eBikes and not just the makes we supply.

e Bike Maintenance Agreement

To maintain your electric bike at the peak of its performance we recommend investing in our cost-effective e Bike Maintenance Agreement. This planned support and maintenance service is based upon the Gold Service and includes the e Bike diagnostics and hydraulic brake bleed options as standard.  The agreement does not cover any parts required or labour associated with a repair.

Maintenance Agreement customers have a priority booking status over pay-as-you-go service options.   It is provided through an annual agreement for a 3-year term, paid annually or quarterly in advance, with 1 service per year.  Annual contracts are also available.

e Bike Maintenance Agreement – Buy

e Bike Maintenance – Book

Service Levels

Service element Safety Check Bronze Silver Gold Maintenance Agreement
Frame / fork & wheel inspection; Bolt check / adjust; Recommendations list; Post service test ride Y Y Y Y Y
Safety check and: Chain inspected / cleaned (on bike) & lubricated; Brake system inspected / lubricated & adjusted; Gear system inspected / lubricated & adjusted; Wheels checked for damage / wear & correct inflation; External bearing wear inspection; Frame wipe down Y Y Y Y
Bronze Service and: Wheels trued / hubs removed / cleaned & lubricated; Headset removed / cleaned & lubricated; New inner cables Y Y Y
Silver Service and: Hubs / headset / bottom bracket & all drive chain components removed / cleaned / inspected / lubricated & refitted; Bottom bracket & brake mounts inspected; New inner & outer cables Y Y
Hydraulic brake bleed & service C C C C Y
eBike diagnostics C C C C Y
Mobile servicing C C C C C
£25 £45 £75 £125 £150

An example of the 'included in' icon– Included, An example of the 'included in' icon – Chargeable option

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eBike Repair

You can arrange for a quote to repair your eBike, here:


Once we have verified your repair requirements, we will box your repair in:

eBike Training Courses

We deliver training courses to help get the most out of your eBike ownership.  Find out more and book:

e Bike Diagnostics

The e Bike Diagnostic is a full check of the electrical systems that are at the heart of your e Bike.  This will pinpoint any errors but more importantly, we will be able to tune the settings of the system to best match your riding characteristics.  We will also update your e Bike firmware with the most recent updates as they become available.  If the e Bike has developed a fault or is producing error codes we can access the firmware and find out exactly where the fault lies so that it can be resolved quickly.

The diagnostics will review about 50 different parameters and we can also report on for example:

  • Frame / electrical serial numbers
  • Total battery charge cycles
  • Current capacity
  • Maximum battery temperature
  • Previous faults

We can use this information to run off a diagnostic report and provide a print out of the e Bike’s history if required.  This is a useful tool for sellers as owners can prove the history of the e Bike to potential buyers increasing interest and possibly even the price of their electric bike.


Should a bike require repair, which is not because of a manufacturing defect, we can provide the necessary resolution.  Should we need to refer to the manufacturer we will do this with your consent.  For peace of mind, all bikes are covered by the manufacturer’s warranties which are detailed in our website at Warranty

Service Location

Prices for services assumes drop off at our office.  We can perform a service at your designated location for an additional charge.

Available Brands