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Service packages provide an all in one way to have your bike checked over and kept in top shape. If you don't have anything specific wrong with your bike or just feel that it could benefit from a refresh then these are the packages for you!

Service Packages

What’s Included Basic Regular Standard Deluxe
Every Bolt is correctly torqued to specification – Gears and brakes are Aligned – Tyres are pumped up Y Y Y Y
Full clean, degrease and polish Y Y Y
New stainless steel inner and outer cables – Wheels are trued and tensioned – Headset is serviced – Motor/crank is greased Y Y
Hubs are serviced – Brakes are bled with fresh fluid Y
Software update pricing £15 £10 £10 £10
Price £40 £60 £80 £140

Book a Service Package

How to choose a Service Package

  • Basic – Your bike is reasonably new, feels fresh or you just want it freshened up.
  • Regular – As above but you want to give your bike a new lease of life and prepare it for a lot of riding or a big trip.
  • Standard – A more comprehensive service that offers more longevity by swapping out cables and cleaning, inspecting and refreshing some of the components which see heavier loads on eBikes
  • Deluxe – The full works, your bike will leave the shop feeling fresh and ready to cover many more miles!

Parts and consumables

We try and keep a stock of all the parts which our eBikes a equipped with however some eBikes have specific consumables which require special orders to get hold of. We will endeavour to provide the full service in the booked slot however if some replacement parts aren’t in stock there will be a delay from ordering them. This is why it is important to enter the Make and Model of your eBike correctly in the form.

Free 100 mile service

Free 100 Mile Service

The free 100 mile service is included with all new eBike purchases from Ride Electric. On a Bosch powered eBike it will let you know when you have covered 100 miles by showing a spanner icon, don’t worry, this is normal behaviour and all you need to do is book your free service when it’s most convenient. We will check over your new eBike and make sure everything has settled in correctly as cables, tyres and brakes all stretch into position after a few rides. There is no pressure to come at 100 miles, if you’re bike feels happy just come when you find the time.

The free 100 mile service is restricted to eBikes purchased from Ride Electric, any bikes booked in for 100 mile service that have not been purchased from Ride Electric will be subject to a Basic Service charge.

Available Brands