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Interested in saving some money?

A maintenance subscription is important if you want to affordably look after your eBike throughout the year, and look after your investment.

Our maintenance subscription combines two of our services, free parts fitting through the year as well as free software updates. Bosch powered eBikes record service history. So it is important to look after your eBike to keep it running smoothly and maintain retail value.

How our maintenance contract works:

  • 6 month service – Regular service and software update, this includes a safety check of your bike, all bolts will be regreased and torqued, tyres, brake system and chain/belt will be checked for wear. Any replacement parts will be fitted or ordered. All parts will cost but fitting is included in the maintenance contract.
  • 12 month service – The same routine as the 6 month service but your bike will get a thorough inspection and all moving components will be serviced, cleaned and greased to allow for many happy years of riding.
  • Free parts fitting throughout the year – Any parts you buy from us will be fitted to the bike free of charge. For example if you wanted to add a larger rack or different tyres.

The eBike market is only going to get bigger, time to look after your investment!

Start a Maintenance Subscription

Already have a Maintenance Contract?

If you already have a maintenance subscription please follow this link to book your included 6 months or 12-month service.

(This date is subject to change if the parts required need to be ordered in)

Book an included Service

Parts fitting

If you have some new parts in mind that you want to fit. Or something has worn out before your service book a repair assessment.

Repair Assessment

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