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Our maintenance subscription is comprehensive and is designed to keep you riding throughout the year. Whether it is daily commuting or downhill mountain biking this subscription covers you.


At the end of each year, you get a Deluxe service with a free software update. Your eBike is essentially stripped down, cleaned, and rebuilt so your eBike feels fresh at the start of each year. You also get a free Regular service software update halfway through the year to make sure that your eBike continues to run smoothly for the rest of the year. Finally, any fitting on parts bought from us is fitted for free throughout the year, including software updates.

Maintenance subscription timeline

Maintenance agreement starts > 6 months in: includes a Regular service + software update worth £70 > 12 months in: includes Deluxe service and software update worth £155 (free fitting on parts 365 days of the year)

This subscription is the same price as a single Deluxe service and a software update; £155/yr. So you essentially get free fitting through the year as well as a complimentary free regular service.


If you are interested in starting a maintenance subscription please follow this link.



If you already have a maintenance subscription please follow this link to book your included 6 months or 12-month service.

(This date is subject to change if the parts required need to be ordered in)



If you have a maintenance agreement and aren’t yet intitled to your included services, but need work doing to your eBike please book a service quotation




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