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Thank you for taking the time to consider this. NHS Staff really need your help.

We are providing access of eBikes for our NHS Frontline staff, supported by businesses and individuals.

Why they need help

Frontline key workers have told us this is having a big impact mentally and physically.  They are all working exceptionally long hours and we want to protect them by minimising the unnecessary stress from the risk of using shared transport on their journeys to and from work.

How we have been helping

Ride Electric are actively engaged in providing eBikes to businesses, councils, health trusts, police forces and therefore have close access to the organisations that need this help.

In addition to providing eBikes to NHS Staff, we have also loaned eBikes to the Local Police Force. As a result of our assistance over the last few weeks, we are now being asked for more support, but we are now at the limits of our resources.




How you can help

Ride Electric’s Sue Anderson says: “We are therefore looking for organisations to sponsor bikes for NHS frontline staff. They’re doing so much for us and this presents a unique opportunity for us all to do something truly special and historic.”

Contributions can be made by organisations or individuals who will wholly sponsor an eBike, or by shared-contribution.

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We have full support for this initiative


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