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The e bike is a new form of transport - they aren't bicycles, nor mopeds, but a unique vehicle opening up a new category of personal transportation, which is both great fun and hugely efficient.

eBikes transform mobility

eBikes allow people to travel longer distances in shorter times, and for commuting, to arrive at work feeling motivated and energised and importantly to arrive feeling fresh and not sweaty. eBikes have revolutionised the way people travel in Europe and the time is now to embrace this fantastic technology in the UK.  In line with this thinking our number one priority is to keep our staff safe, healthy and motivated, we are therefore keen to encourage the use of electric bikes  and have therefore committed to support the purchase of eBikes through a special scheme which is beneficial to staff and the company too.

Our number one priority is to keep our staff safe, healthy and motivated…

The arrangement is through the Green Commute Initiative, which is a bike to work scheme specifically designed for the purchase of eBikes, which are typically more costly than regular bikes.  The good news is that they can be bought through the business over a period of time, through gross salary sacrifice, which means that you will receive an effective saving of 32-42%.  Also, there is no end of term penalty as there are with some other schemes.

Commuting without the worry of public transport

This is particularly relevant with Covid19, and as lockdown eases and business opens up, we are particularly aware of the need to support staff to get to work safely and without undue expense or inconvenience.  Ride Electric have been working with many companies and organisations over the recent months to help staff with access to eBikes.  Ride Electric’s Managing Director, Craig Goff-Cooper, says:

It is clear that public transport is not a valid option and car-sharing is ill-advised. So, for those without their own car, the only options for safe personal transport is on foot, cycling or – more effectively, using electric bikes.

Are eBikes right for me?

To find out if eBikes are right for you, you can book on a free, no-commitment experience ride with Ride Electric staff who will also explain everything about the eBike and talk you through the options.  Prepare to be amazed!

To get an idea what the investment might look like for you, you can explore the Buy page on the website where at the bottom of each page of all of the eBikes, there is an illustration of the savings that can be made.  You can also use the GCI calculator to explore your own arrangement.

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