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Now we don't have many snow storms - in fact, weren't the last ones in 1978 then again in 2010? So you can imagine our expectations to be low when 'The Beast From The East' was announced on all weather channels.

beast from the east

Our office is based on North Shields Fish Quay and for anyone who knows the location, the only way out is up a very steep hill at every exit.

At around 2pm on 27th February 2018, the snow and weather alerts kept on coming.  Light blizzards changed to heavy snow and stopped again.  It was the typical British weather…every season in the space of two hours.  Only things were starting to change quickly and at that point I was approached by a friend, advising me that if I don’t get my Ride Electric van up the bank in 5 minutes, I will be stuck down here all night!


Now, most of you will understand that with the smallest of worry, the great British public go into a state of panic buying, panic driving, road rage and general ‘idiocy’.

ride electric uk


So, I locked the eBikes away, locked up and started the journey home.  I drove all of 100 metres to the bottom of Tanners Bank and all I see (other than snow) was my friend (who had offered the aforementioned sound advice) racing to the top of the bank in his van, overtaking cars and just making to the top.  He was the only vehicle to get out of North Shields Fish Quay at that point, as the 20 or so vehicles in front of me couldn’t drive up.  So, I turn around and drive back the 100 metres and park our van outside the office.



Running an eBike company comes with a lot of benefits, and of course one of them is our eBikes.  Now while I was trying to decide which eBike to ride for the 7 mile journey home, I had to make sure it was the right decision and that I wasn’t putting myself through any unnecessary risk.  I mean, I could have slept in my office – it has coffee facilities, fresh milk, biscuits and a TV – so all would have been well, or would it?  Of course it wouldn’t, I had to get back to see my beautiful family.

e bike snow

So that was it, an eBike was selected, I was wrapped up warm, had full charge on my phone and I was ready to go.  WOW!  This was so much fun!  I had selected the E-Genius 710 Plus, with the Bosch Performance CX motor and 27.5” tyres, which allowed me to glide up the hill and through the snow.  I was loving every second, in fact, I am confident in saying that it was the most fun I have ever had on a bicycle.

Now, normally when I drive home it takes me around 35 minutes as it is rush hour.  So you can imagine how long it would have taken me if I had managed to get to the top of that hill in my van.  Well on the eBike, through the snow, up the hills and passing all the traffic, it took me 20 minutes.  That’s 20 minutes of having the best fun on a bicycle that I can ever remember.

electric bike snow


Getting back on the eBike is what next.  As we woke up this morning, there had been more snow fall over night, more weather warnings, schools closed, snow up to the knees (in some parts) and even the police advising ‘not to travel unless necessary, but if you have to travel, take a shovel, water and blankets’.  Well you know what?  None of that was needed as I cycled past traffic jams, road closures, cars wheel spinning, hardy cyclists on normal bicycles sliding all over and having to walk.   And all this time I was on an eBike and back at the office within 20 minutes, with biggest smile on my face.










I have said this before and will continue to do so… eBikes are the future of transportation needs. #Rideelectric



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